Please telephone 07802 267 777 or 01308 422649 to book your day clay pigeon shooting.

You will be advised on technique and have the chance to fire at clays launched at different speeds and angles. You will be coached on how to shoot so that you actually (hopefully!) HIT the clay. You and your friends will have 40 clays apiece using 12 or 20 bore shotguns.

A group of up to six participants can be accommodated at any one time.


shotguns_1The minimum age for participants is 16. Younger children may be accommodated at the discretion of the operator. This must be discussed at the time of booking. Guns, cartridges, clays and safety items will be provided.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring waterproofs in the event of rain.

(Please try to avoid bulky ski and puffa jackets as you will find it more difficult to mount the shotgun properly).

Sensible shoes or boots are recommended.

Clay Targets

Clay targets, known as clay pigeons, are not made from clay and do not resemble pigeons – they are small, round, biodegradable, ‘frisbee’ discs made from pitch and chalk that come in a number of colours and sizes.

Gun Recoil

When using a gun there is an element of gun recoil but this can be reduced and mostly eliminated by using the gun correctly. We have chosen a gun that has 48% less recoil than other guns.

Weight of Gun

Women are put off by the weight of a gun but have regularly beaten men in corporate shooting competitions when they had never even picked up a shotgun before! We have chosen a gun especially for the ladies, which is lighter to use.


Safety always comes first and strict safety procedures are in place at all times. Clay pigeon shooting is one of the safest sports in the country and we aim to keep it that way


The cost is £40 per person to include 40 clays, 40 cartridges, loan of gun, loan of safety glasses and ear protectors.

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Please telephone 07802 267 777 or 01308 422649 to book your day clay pigeon shooting.